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Topic Starter thomasdereyck - Posted on Sunday, March 9 2008 01:47:30 PM
Hi Everyone,

For over a year now, i've been using a self made rip-script to make xvid backups of my DVDs. The script contains this command to convert the DVD audio to PCM audio:

mplayer -dvd-device $DVDDEVICE dvd://$TITLE -hardframedrop -alang en -vc dummy -vo null -ao pcm:file=audio.pcm -af volume=10db,resample=44100

This has always worked, until today. Suddenly (probably because of an update) mplayer stops converting the audio properly. It creates the audio.pcm file, but it doesn't fill it. It takes as much time as it used to though. When the command is finished, the file only contains about 4 bytes.. The wave header, I guess.

Can anyone please explain to me what is causing this behaviour?

Thanks in advance,
Thomas De Reyck
tex2us - Posted on Monday, March 17 2008 02:31:58 PM
Without the complete error message, one can only guess.
If mplayer asserts and crashes, an update on libavcodec will usually work
If not, maybe the correct sound channel is not selected.
Never tried this for dvds, but at least for ogg or matroska, a list of available sound streams is displayed and one stream can be forcefully used with -aid
thomasdereyck - Posted on Wednesday, March 19 2008 10:02:08 AM
Thanks for your reply.

I cannot show you any error messages, because there simply are none. Everything "works" as it is supposed to, and as it did earlier, but sound is just not dumped into the file. I have already tried forcefully selecting an audio stream, without any result.

I DO believe that the problem is indeed a library. But mplayer's dependencies seem to be quite complex. I will try rebuilding the library you mentioned.
tex2us - Posted on Monday, March 24 2008 10:40:32 AM
I had the same silence problem when converting mp3 to wav and adding various filters
Try the same command but without the pcm:file filter and keep removing other filters until you get sound