Topic - How do I use equalizer in 6 channel mode

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Topic Starter saa_1973 - Posted on Monday, March 10 2008 04:49:04 AM
I have been struggling to get the equalizer work in the 6 channel mode. It works fine with 2/4 channels mode. But when I try using the equalizer with 6 channels the audio/video play slow. I would appreciate if the forum members can suggest a workaround.

Thanks in advance.

tex2us - Posted on Monday, March 17 2008 02:36:34 PM
If the equalizer works, the computer speed may be the problem.
mplayer playback is faster on linux, but filters are unusably slow. If you are using linux, this may be the problem
A pentium 3 800 is unable to use -af pan to downmis to mono under linux