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Topic Starter sut2k - Posted on Sunday, March 23 2008 03:05:43 PM

I have an avi which plays fine in mplayer.

I want to play this on the dvd player so first converted to mpeg to let dvdauthor do its work.

ffmpeg started out ok, seemed to know what it was dealing with and what it was being asked to do. It did output a lot of lines about invalid backskip before counting frames and producing a viewable mpeg:

Seems stream 0 codec frame rate differs from container frame rate: 30000.00 (30000/1) -> 25.00 (25/1)
Input #0, avi, from '/home/sut/videothek/movies/Die fabelhafte Welt der Amelie.avi':
Duration: 01:58:52.3, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 1933 kb/s
Stream #0.0: Video: mpeg4, yuv420p, 720x304 [PAR 1:1 DAR 45:19], 25.00 tb(r)
Stream #0.1: Audio: mp3, 44100 Hz, stereo, 224 kb/s
Output #0, mpeg, to 'amelie.mpg':
Stream #0.0: Video: mpeg2video, yuv420p, 720x304 [PAR 190:253 DAR 450:253], q=2-31, 200 kb/s, 25.00 tb(c)
Stream #0.1: Audio: mp2, 44100 Hz, stereo, 64 kb/s
Stream mapping:
Stream #0.0 -> #0.0
Stream #0.1 -> #0.1
Press [q] to stop encoding
[mpeg4 @ 0xb7dd22f0]frame skip 8
[mpeg4 @ 0xb7dd22f0]frame skip 8
mdb:511, lastbuf:0 skipping granule 0
mdb:511, lastbuf:0 skipping granule 0
mdb:511, lastbuf:0 skipping granule 1
mdb:511, lastbuf:0 skipping granule 1
invalid new backstep 695
invalid new backstep 696
invalid new backstep 695
invalid new backstep 696
invalid new backstep 695

So, fine, I'm thinking, the mpeg plays as well as the avi, it must be ok.
But dvdauthor told me:
INFO: Locale=en_US.UTF-8
INFO: Converting filenames to UTF-8
INFO: dvdauthor creating VTS
STAT: Picking VTS 01

STAT: Processing amelie.mpg...
WARN: Skipping sector, waiting for first VOBU...
line repeats 21 times
WARN: Skipping sector, waiting for first VOBU...
ERR: SCR moves backwards, remultiplex input.

So, fine, says I, this is going to be a little work but that's ok. I use mplayer to dump vidio and audio and ask mplex to put them back together and am told:

$ mplex -f 8 -o amelie.mpg amelie.ac3 amelie.m2v
INFO: [mplex] mplex version 1.9.0 (2.2.7 $Date: 2006/02/01 22:23:01 $)
INFO: [mplex] File amelie.ac3 looks like an MPEG Audio stream.
**ERROR: [mplex] File amelie.m2v unrecogniseable!
**ERROR: [mplex] Unrecogniseable file(s)... exiting.
$ file amelie.m2v
amelie.m2v: data

Now I'm looking at the multitude of filtering options in mplayer and wondering if there is a way to ask mplayer to read the input file and just dump the good stuff? Can I just get the bits the mplayer puts on the screen and into the speakers and to toss the invalid and superfluous stuff?

Thank you for any help.
tex2us - Posted on Monday, March 24 2008 11:12:43 AM
When encoding with mencoder, any unreadable stuff is skipped by default.
The problem seems to be that dvdauthor can't read the input file, it just keeps skipping for a valid frame then gives up. The whole file is not recognized by dvdautor, not just bits of it.
Mplayer can play the file, but mplayer can play many files, even with serious errors in the file.
Try a newer version of dvdauthor (or a previous version of ffmpeg, this sometimes helps =)
sut2k - Posted on Monday, March 24 2008 05:44:36 PM
Since the file command also does not recognize the file type, maybe forcing a tag with -vtag would help. What would be a proper value for the mpeg2video codec?

Or what would somebody recommend to turn the avi into a suitable file format for creating a dvd.