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Topic Starter cjh85331 - Posted on Tuesday, May 13 2008 05:58:05 PM
OK, I'm new to mplayer and mjpegtools, so be gentle with me. I'm coming from the direction of having been using Microsoft Directshow, which was not getting me the solutions I wanted, so here goes.

mplayer nicely accepts just about any media input and lets you split out a WAV file for the audio and a YUV file for video.

What I need to be able to do is grab frames of video in RGB24 format. I'm not sure how to do this, other than I've been told it's possible with either mplayer or sometime in mjpegtools, or a combination of the two.

Also - is it possible to take the YUV output of mplayer and run it through some converter that will make an AVI file out of it?

Another mplayer question - I know it's possible to identify a start time and an end time. Is it possible to identify frame numbers as opposed to times?

If anyone can answer these questions directly, or point me to a resource online or otherwise where I can find the answers, Thanks!