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Topic Starter dustman - Posted on Tuesday, May 20 2008 03:36:44 PM

I am currently developing a java application that uses an embedded mplayer to play videos. Now i have to implement the user-mplayer communication. For example, the user presses the "space key", so mplayer has to pause, or if the user presses the "m key", the volume of the player must be muted. I know how to communicate with mplayer using streams, but what i don't know is what commands are supported by mplayer (with "set_property some_property").
Could anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance!


st.berg - Posted on Tuesday, August 5 2008 06:49:26 AM
Hello dustman,

i work on a projekt like yours. I've got an embedded Linux and i want to communicate with mPlayer over CAN Bus. My application will be programmed in C. How do you communicate with mPlayer (using streams)? May be we can exchange some experiecens. Where do you come from?

tex2us - Posted on Friday, August 8 2008 09:36:53 AM
Try -input cmdlist for a list of supported commands