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Topic Starter BetterSense - Posted on Friday, May 23 2008 08:07:23 PM
Sometimes when I try to play something, mplayer spits no errors, and acts like it's going to play it, but the time counter doesn't start counting and the media doesn't play. In the case of video, you can still page up and down through the video, viewing still frames, but it won't play. It's not paused either because you can pause and upause it with no results.

I don't know what is causing this and sometimes I can get it to work after trying random things, things that have worked are: viewing the man page (srsly), cd'ing, and most recently, pounding out all the options in my .mplayer/config. I think these are random except maybe the last bit. But if my config file is causing it, it only causes it sometimes, even with the same media file(s).

*config file*
# Write your default config options here!
*end config file*