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Topic Starter gordebak - Posted on Saturday, June 7 2008 02:38:17 AM
I don't know if this is the right forum, or it is possible, sorry if I sound silly.

I was just thinking, is it possible to create a server-side mozilla-mplayer? Like an embedded flash player, without the user having mplayer installed. Or does this idea have a value? Is it silly completely?
erroneous - Posted on Thursday, July 17 2008 02:37:46 PM
Unless you used mplayer to produce jpgs of the movies, had the audio play in the background, and had the client load each frame as a jpg or png as fast as it could (which at today's internet speeds wouldn't be enough), then no. For every mime type that your server sends, there has to be an interpreter on the client side, which could be mplayer, quicktime, windows media player, etc. for video. You can use mplayer or ffmpeg to convert the videos into flv and then have a flash player play that.