Topic - Mplayer doesn't play avi video file

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Topic Starter ingenious - Posted on Tuesday, June 17 2008 08:21:19 AM
Hi all,

I tried to play a .avi file in mplayer. but the video is coming but audio is not coming. i checked the only difference between the other .avi files and this file is others having 128kbps audio and this file has 160kbps audio.
This file is playing well in wmplayer.
tex2us - Posted on Monday, July 14 2008 01:52:27 PM
The problem is with the audio codec. Check the mplayer output and see what the missing codec looks like.
You probably didn't install the essential codec pack (unzip it into windowssystem and delete all the .so files. This way all the dlls will be visible without trouble)