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Topic Starter Fpath - Posted on Wednesday, July 9 2008 01:26:24 AM is gone and I know some of you would like to have your own chat system!! check it out no matter what the others say about us we have pleased most our customers.

Say you came from livve and we will give you a discount.

[email protected]
Fpath - Posted on Wednesday, July 9 2008 01:29:58 AM
sorry about that..emai is [email protected]
I loVe beer how about you? hehe
Lisa_Girl - Posted on Tuesday, July 29 2008 03:28:51 PM
As many of you know Livve has shut their doors. Many members of livve have moved over to PCO Paradise Chat Online. They have free video, audio and games including their Spades, and nightly events. CALENDAR OF EVETNS FOR PCO: PCO SPADES: PCO MAIN WEBSITE: This is a great site that has been around for about 2 years now. Very friendy members and the support staff here is top-notch. There is always somebody online and there to help and assist.
jakethesnake - Posted on Wednesday, December 3 2008 04:00:24 AM
We don't need fpath.
Paltalk has more users anyways!