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Topic Starter dunbrokin - Posted on Wednesday, July 16 2008 11:15:41 PM

I am trying to get the above webcast to only offers me MS Media or Real Player....Whichever one I click on will not work. My native linux player is Mplayer...I would have thought that this should pick up the feed from one or other of Real Player or MS Media....what am I doing wrong? I am a newbie and am probably doing a lot of things wrong!
erroneous - Posted on Thursday, July 17 2008 02:31:55 PM
If you use Firefox, I would get the mplayer plugin This also works for wav, mp3, etc, but it should allow you to watch anything mplayer can handle. Linux browsers don't have the easiest support for things as I've seen, though you can get everything working with the right plugins.