Topic - Fpath Software 8.0 release July 31

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Topic Starter Fpath - Posted on Thursday, July 17 2008 08:58:21 PM

8.0 will be vista ready we also have made some changes to our database and admin pack.
Hackers or script kids will now be locked out.

This will be the final version for a while..we have joined forces with a game company for game support! for the near future. Fpath customers will have games soon . Since 2003 I have been beta testing my software and 8.0 will be the most secure version released. Fpath current customers will get a price break for the version! well with the exception of a few and you know who you are.

Lasso get over it.
OTD-Zeus - Posted on Monday, September 8 2008 04:02:14 AM
Get some game that people actually want and perhaps it will populate. I downloaded it again and nobody on too bad the site looks good.
Digg - Posted on Monday, September 8 2008 06:05:04 AM
Which gaming company? That's important in this day and age! Anywho I hope you guys follow through, but so far all the services are the games, just chat blah!!!!
Thunder - Posted on Monday, September 8 2008 04:00:10 PM
be intresting to see ....
Digg - Posted on Monday, September 8 2008 04:08:36 PM
I've got nothing against them, but I'll believe it when I see it. If it's a "gaming company" that's well known, then I might give them the benefit of the doubt.