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Topic Starter jbills - Posted on Saturday, July 19 2008 05:48:29 PM
hi - wanting to use gmplayer to view a library of mpegs, as the browser plugin isn't quite as fully featured as I want.

our library of mpegs is web based and each page for each little mpeg has the direct path to the mpeg for easy copying/pasting.

what I really need is a way to launch gmplayer that makes it so I can just paste this path into a box.

I can't seem to find it in the manual, but is there a way to launch gmplayer directly into an "open" dialog?

or maybe some sort of quick shell script that could pull the path off of my clipboard and launch the file into gmplayer? wow that would be sweet.

any ideas or options here? I'm on centos 4.4
tex2us - Posted on Friday, August 8 2008 09:47:52 AM
Instead of pasting each link into the clipboard, paste them all in a file then use
xargs -r mplayer -fs <file
or something similar
jbills - Posted on Friday, August 8 2008 06:18:47 PM
thanks - I think it's even pretty easy to export the clipboard to a tmp txt file so that's a great idea. will check it out.