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Topic Starter Lisa_Girl - Posted on Tuesday, July 29 2008 03:35:35 PM
As many of you know Livve has shut their doors. Many members of livve and mplayer and gamespy have moved over to PCO PARADISE CHAT ONLINE. They have free video, audio and games including their Spades, and nightly events. CALENDAR OF EVETNS FOR PCO: PCO SPADES: PCO MAIN WEBSITE: This is a great site that has been around for about 2 years now. Very friendy members and the support staff here is top-notch. There is always somebody online and there to help and assist.
Digg - Posted on Friday, September 5 2008 06:36:23 PM
Is there any chance you'll be upgrading your spades game to an actual application and not a flash game? After recent vulnerabilities in flash and what-not, it's a bit scary to even consider using flash at times. Also, will there be any updates to the client to make the skins more ...dynamic? Right now it's just a few images over the same layout, but layout choice would be pretty cool too!
PCO_DAWN - Posted on Friday, October 3 2008 04:27:29 AM
the flash game is secured, and the new version of flash the 124, has the security issues fixed. The older versions of flash were at risk. We are on a secured dedicated server and games are secured.

Although not the best for non high speed connections its working great with both high speed and dialup. We do suggest everyone update to the new flash.
Our backgammon will be in beta soon, and its not in flash, its awesome! In time we might covert spades to that, but thats way down the road.

As for skins, we have many skins viewable on our home page in the forums. I have not tried them all, but they seem to look nice on the client itself, it will change the complete look and style.

As with any game on line, the connection, the speed of computers and the ram and memory on computers will make the game play different for each person.

Digg - Posted on Friday, October 3 2008 08:24:49 AM
It's not that I don't trust your software, just not flash in general. It's notoriously bad about one flaw fixed, new flaw next week syndrome. No worries though. How about clusterability....IE if the main server goes down, are there back up servers for support so that you don't go down like livve?
PCO_DAWN - Posted on Friday, October 3 2008 12:39:49 PM
unlike Livve in the past 3 years, Pco has never " gone down" for more then a few mins. Unless we are doing updates, at which time we give a heads up notice so they know.

Our up time is 98%, we will and do at times boot every so often, its rare, as with anything,some isps can run into bumpy days. no one can control if ther server's isp is having a few moments of turbulance :) Pco will never be down, for more then a few mins. Any issues we have we deal with , within a matter of mins.

Hope this helps answer your questions.
PCO_DAWN - Posted on Friday, October 3 2008 12:41:07 PM
Also, do you know that almost every web site, and every program uses flash in todays times? from banners to ads, to log in boxes :)
Just keep updating your flash and you wil be ok :)
Digg - Posted on Saturday, October 4 2008 03:32:14 AM
Actually several have switched to silverlight now because of the problems, but that's not important :-)
jakethesnake - Posted on Thursday, December 25 2008 12:07:50 AM
LOL 98% uptime, that's because there isn't that many people that go there anymore. You banned way too many people. You are a hater dawn.
Just like Jay.
PARADISE_DAWN - Posted on Monday, December 29 2008 04:07:54 PM
Hmmm You must be one of the banned ones :) Odd you say no one is in pco?? looks very full to me at nites!! Most of livves spades players and leagues can be found in paradise chat... or
Back gammon in its way!! We do not USE 3rd party links for spades, we own the spades :)

Also update your facts, JAY closed down and re opened something else :) We only ban those that violate TOS :)

jakethesnake - Posted on Thursday, February 12 2009 03:25:32 AM
LOL I can get around your bans. I have been there before, hardly anyone there :P
All I do is run windows with virtualbox and use a proxy or vpn and I can get in :P
blkgrprixgtx - Posted on Sunday, October 11 2009 11:00:53 PM
glad to know im not the only one who sees PCO and its admin a hater. a hater who sat in the lobby hour upon hour in livve making fun of people and hurting them. she now has the power and control to eliminae people like garbage and ban them like the dictator she is. sooner or later she will get hers. there are still free sites with the same drama just less hate. keep searching and ye shall find them.
PCO_DAWN - Posted on Tuesday, January 5 2010 07:28:19 PM
I am not the DAWN from LIVVE, now dont you feel like a fool......... I did not hang in livve, was too much fighting, Next time before you post, get your facts and people correct:)

( from Gamespy not livve)
LADYVlPER - Posted on Friday, July 9 2010 03:21:28 AM
I love PCO :) The site is great ,, the members are great.. the owners are great. We need MORE MEMBERS. Come on over.. Its a LOT like our old mplayer.
LADYVlPER - Posted on Friday, July 9 2010 03:32:35 AM
I am totally gobsmacked at these people calling Dawn from PCO a hater. You guys have the wrong Dawn Im tellin ya. OUR dawn bends over backwards for the members and the site. Good grief come on in and see for urself . I have NEVER seen this dawn talk trash at or about anyone,,, and she wont allow it in PCO. Geeez people get it right!!!!
LMAO - Posted on Saturday, July 24 2010 12:19:51 AM
well to start with flash from pco likes to rip people off trust me i WAS half owner of PCO it was i that brang most of the people there that started PCO like KGB LittleBit list goes on and on but TTC-FLASH stold Pco from me and your right dawn is not from livve she is from AOL she used to run a porn room in aol and thats how she got to where she is now by going on cam and cybering TTC-Flash or Fire one and the same and why dont you talk to a few admins that used to help out there and they wull let you know about being hacked by flash and dawn dont take my word for it but you better ask around and make sure its not someone that kisses there butts
PCO_DAWN - Posted on Monday, August 30 2010 03:15:19 PM
Oh my...... this must be candy :) lets clear this up. lol candy you were not part owner. you are staff.........

Unless your considering yourself MIKE...who was the " part owner" when U were there. Still bashing me?? I guess im honored that for 5 years you still think of me :)

Hows your site going? I wish you well with it , say hi to chero too, btw did you know he keeps sneaking in to pco lol

winks and sticks our tongue.....
PCO_DAWN - Posted on Monday, August 30 2010 03:26:21 PM
ohhhhhhhhhhh btw ms candy :) I dont use my cam:)

and the aol chats i hosted i was paid for. I watched the adult rooms to make sure children were not in danger.... I devoted 10 years to online safty.... and hosting and recently was sent a nice check for hosting in aol :)

hows your cam working.... mines still in plastic, naked on cam lol U wish...... just like the rumors I had fires baby....... LOL My baby is 28 years old lol

girl work on your site and your love life
god knows u have so much to offer :)