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Topic Starter diddy - Posted on Thursday, January 5 2006 11:51:00 AM

Hi All
<br/>I just wanted to announce that I have made a media player for Windows (based on Mplayer and Mencoder) that has been ported over to windows.
<br/>The software is called &quot;Goo Media Center&quot; and has the following features :-
<br/>play DVD
<br/>Play VCD
<br/>Backup a DVD / VCD (that you already own) into several file formats including x264, Xvid etc.
<br/>Backup DVD / VCD to a PDA device or PSP device (a typical movie can be below 200Mb in size).
<br/>perform test rips of films to check the bitrates and correct languages are used.
<br/>convert media files from one format to another.
<br/>Play net radio / TV.
<br/>Dump net radio / TV to harddrive
<br/>Play several types of video / audio including mp3,ogg, snow, xvid, divx, avi etc
<br/>save settings so that the user can just open the software and use.
<br/>the software can be downloaded from here :-
<br/><a href="" target="_blank"></a>
<br/>theres also a forum section to post any problems.
<br/>so download and enjoy....
<br/><img src="" alt=":grin:" title="grin" longdesc="" height="20" width="20" />