Topic - Mplayer-Fusion Screen shots!

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Topic Starter Thunder - Posted on Wednesday, August 13 2008 08:52:08 PM
Here afew screen shots of our system so fare we hope you like the look of it :)

P.S we know its gray and windows 98 style ;) but looks are not on our top list we are working on a working system ....

anyone intrested in beta testing please feel free to email me [email protected] please no spam or asking to be a volunteer :)
Digg - Posted on Friday, September 5 2008 06:30:40 PM
Ummm.... hosting account suspended. Can't view any of these screenshots!
Thunder - Posted on Saturday, September 6 2008 01:09:52 PM
ya sorry we moved! :)

few there give general idear of our system!
OTD-Zeus - Posted on Tuesday, September 9 2008 02:31:58 AM
If you really need beta testers let me know and i will forward my email addy. I remember a Thunder from mplayer but probably not the same person.
Thunder - Posted on Wednesday, September 10 2008 10:25:53 PM
ya allways on the look out for beta testers just head over to
OTD-Zeus - Posted on Saturday, September 13 2008 05:01:15 AM
Got on there Thunder looks prommising!!! keep it up i was on there with another guy named pilman...dont stop now man!