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Topic Starter Nephila_Viper - Posted on Tuesday, August 19 2008 07:51:14 AM
When I maximize Mplayer and go into Fullscreen mode I can't get back to the Minmized mode with the movie still playing, if I hit ESC it quits the program entirely. If I hit HOME I can go back to the minimized version, however it stops the movie and gives the default Mplayer logo on the screen window and I lose my place in the movie.

How can I go from a Fullscreen to Minimized mode, so it continues to play the movie? Or at least minimize with a paused state?
Nephila_Viper - Posted on Sunday, August 24 2008 05:39:04 AM
Any one looking for an upgrade to the basic Mplayer should check out Mplayer's "Projects section". If you use windows go to the Windows part of that page. Etc. Fixed my problem much better GUI and works better for me, goodbye Windows Media Player.