Topic - I miss the old days :(

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Topic Starter tanky - Posted on Monday, August 25 2008 01:42:14 PM
Anyone remember tanky from Mplayer QuakeTF?
I was only about 10-11 when I started playing lol but I was amoung the few ELITE soldiers on their :D along with Decanter, Shadowboxer, Opyum and a few others.
I wish Mplayer could be brought back but I doubt it ever will.
Gamespy is horrid.
Thunder - Posted on Monday, August 25 2008 09:00:21 PM dont mind the temp website we got other things on our hands at the min to make a pro site but any offers would be welcome ;) were open for testing!!!!
Digg - Posted on Friday, September 5 2008 06:32:34 PM
There doesn't appear to be a way to sign up for testing. My friend and I downloaded your client, but it was a no-go without an account. Also, your screenshots aren't showing up. Any chance you could post those on your regular site and not an image hosting site? So far the login screen a pretty standard login screen.