Topic - Urgent!! No sound output on mips

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Topic Starter arjunsathe - Posted on Saturday, August 30 2008 10:49:52 AM

I'm having a strange problem running mplayer on my mips board.
When i run mplayer without any options, just a filename, eg : ./mplayer test.mp3
i see all the verbose messages about the file information and then the playback appears to start.
ie, i see the playback counter ticking away but i don't get any sound output.

My mips board sends all audio and video output to the television using standard cables.

Mplayer detects oss as my default sound driver and seems to use it successfully but doesnt send the output to the t.v.

Any idea what i could do to resolve this?
Any help is appreciated.

tex2us - Posted on Friday, September 26 2008 09:11:18 AM
Not sure what a mips board is, but if mplayer doesn't complain, then the board and the sound system are working.
The most common problem in this case is that one device in the chain (the board or the amplifier) is muted, or the chain is incorrectly directed to an invalid device