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Topic Starter OTD-Zeus - Posted on Monday, September 8 2008 03:42:23 AM
Any old quake 1 players from mplayer? I miss the old days too and the friends we all had there.
Someone should get and identical mplayer up and running they would make a killing not some cheap garbage like smpm was. Hope to hear from any quake 1 players.
Digg - Posted on Monday, September 8 2008 06:03:48 AM
I think games is the main problem for all the so-called services so far. All look promising, but aren't delivering yet. I think the closest I've seen is that mplayer lives or w/e because they have some quake servers up, but who knows if they'll follow through. I'm using the old gamespy server browser at this point, no chatting for me. At least then I can still play!
Incinerate - Posted on Saturday, May 30 2009 05:00:18 AM
OMFG! ZEUS! This is OTD - Incinerate. SOF DM3 BABY! I miss the old mplayer days also man. Wonder what all the old OTD members are up to now. Ever hear from Slapfest or anyone? Miss ya man.
OTD-Zeus - Posted on Sunday, June 14 2009 07:40:37 PM
Oh man Incinerate long time no see ~!! my msn is [email protected] kinda had a name change years ago!! I had a quake 1 server up a couple years ago but play moslty battlefield games. Drop me a line add me to msn!
T_w-i-s_T - Posted on Saturday, June 20 2009 11:00:07 PM
Fpath - Posted on Sunday, June 21 2009 01:34:54 PM
Top-ganKer here from quake 1 and TF
Fpath - Posted on Sunday, June 21 2009 01:37:51 PM
you may remember i had a plus name everyone wanted -ganKer- names could not have the dashes and i talked a tech into hooking me up. I ws also the first to hack the lobby mic in TF
Gu4rdian - Posted on Tuesday, September 29 2009 05:05:35 AM
wow just ran into this forum board...might be an old post but I used to play on mplayer days too.

I was in DC, ELF, TOP and started that silly guild TMNT for a short time lol.

Anyways the name was Guardian the whole time.

/sigh still playing TF but with TF2..just not the same. People talk more shit on there then we used to. I remember if we had beef we took it in the game and took the owning that was deserved to us and not talk so much shit but we all held grudges against each other lol. Anyways if you play TF2 my name on their is Gu4rdian or BigEMP so look me up if you remember me. email: [email protected]
SuP3R14_0men - Posted on Tuesday, November 10 2009 03:31:04 PM
gk-sup3r14, qbg-sup3r, 70_-0men-_70 here and dieing for some old school qball wit u guys, holla at me
Whyspering - Posted on Tuesday, December 22 2009 04:26:09 PM
Wow, mplayer... I feel old now.
Zone-360 - Posted on Tuesday, December 29 2009 07:00:39 AM
Hey Whispering, I remember you and NetGuardian. I think we were teaching you how to play quake qball.
Nice to see a familiar nic :)
Sneaks - Posted on Friday, March 4 2011 02:48:42 AM
Wow!! Alot of names I used to play with...Especially you Zeus!!! I miss Mplayer too. Haven't found a decent alternative either. I was OFC-Sneaks OTD and Zone too I's been so long I don't remember. I still play on some cali. servers now and then. here's my email [email protected] Long live ULTRAV!!!
OverKill-TTC - Posted on Wednesday, March 23 2011 08:11:21 PM
WOW MPlayer hehe the good old days when i first joind The terminal clan
quake3god - Posted on Wednesday, November 30 2011 03:03:33 AM
Whats up guys, I used to play Quake and Quake TF ALL THE TIME on Mplayer. Started as DOA-hotscott, later played as TUNG-hotscott and WFC-hotscott. WFC-Kilarmy out there? I remember a few names but not many.
Bunkest - Posted on Tuesday, January 3 2012 12:19:08 PM
wow, i used to play back then too. qball and tf, all the time.
OTD-Coffee - Posted on Wednesday, May 8 2013 08:46:08 AM
Hiyas OTD, OTD-Coffee here, Ex-OTD founder/leader Before Slapfest took over ops. Hope you are all well. Played everquest after OTD and then DAoC, but thats now over 10 years ago. And yes I miss the mplayer days even though it was strange days before my leaving. Maybe our paths will cross again in a future game. Defiance is my temp game till better comes along.
InstaGib - Posted on Tuesday, April 22 2014 03:14:32 PM
Quake 1 was great. Such awesome days way back then!
OTD-Zeus - Posted on Wednesday, September 10 2014 12:02:04 AM
Wow Coffee how have you been I hope you are still around and Sneaks I will email you for sure! Coffee you are the one who showed me how to play quake 1 my old 1 arm bandit pal! email me [email protected]
Fpath - Posted on Wednesday, November 26 2014 03:22:20 AM
You guys remember the Quake TF clan FOF owned ? those were the dayz.