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Topic Starter Fpath - Posted on Monday, September 15 2008 07:56:55 PM
Fpath v7.1+ Source Code

We have released this version with full source code! this means you can take the software to the next level and make it your own monster.

If you plan to integrate games or other software & patches the source code is now available to do just that.

8.0 was also released! this allows admins to connect server-side instead of via client side! this gives the system a little more security.

We developed the chat system now open source "you" can go get the games!

v7.1 + Source Code
Custom Logo
New Features
3 Site License

"No Source Code"
Skin Editor
6 Skin's
IP Tool
URL Tool

Full 7.1 Source Code
Includes source files and Delphi 7 Components.