Topic - Livve website up! Service up by 22nd! dated -September 17th, 2008

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Topic Starter PILMAN - Posted on Thursday, September 18 2008 02:57:19 AM

LIvVE Move Progressing

last update: September 17, 2008

The move of all LIvVE and 4Anything services to our new systems at our new location continues, and we hope to have the LIvVE service up by September 22nd, with all other components transitioned by the end of the month.

All accounts will retain their full balance of any unused subscription time remaining at the start of the move, and will accrue additional time for all payments made during the switchover.

playswstrangers - Posted on Monday, October 6 2008 06:38:06 AM
Are there any further updates on this? It is October 6th and I live isn't back yet.
LiVvEAddict - Posted on Friday, October 17 2008 04:18:38 AM
no updates as of October 16...i heard they have licensing issues but that could be hear real news as to when or IF they r coming back...i need LIvVE
sharpyspooks - Posted on Friday, January 2 2009 04:46:01 PM
Does anyone know where has moved too. I keep on getting billed for it but I cannot use the website. It wont connect neither will Someone please tell me what email address they have moved to because it doesnt tell me on Yahoo either :-(. Thanks