Topic - Mplayer an stdout - important - need help

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Topic Starter st.berg - Posted on Friday, September 19 2008 11:06:34 AM
Hello together,

i've written a software application wich receives Messages over CAN Bus. This messages should xbe used to handle Mplayer. That works fine with the slave mode.
Now I need to get track time information. I can do this with th command: " get_time_pos " or " get_time_length ". Mplayer writes the time information to the console window.
No the problem: How can i get this information in my application? I've tried to write the stdout stream into a file. But that don't work! Is it possible to get this information on any way???
Thank a lot
tex2us - Posted on Friday, September 26 2008 09:07:50 AM
One way is to pipe mplayer's output to a FIFO file and make your application read from this fifo while using stdout to command mplayer in slave mode