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Topic Starter Fpath - Posted on Wednesday, October 15 2008 01:32:41 PM
We have released a standard package that gives you a free custom logo and skin build. $175.00

If you would like to start your own site like PCO,BYF or SOA hehe its easy just let us know what package you would like.
current customers please check out our new Store!

Keep in mind that the people that put our software down are still using our software?>:,*%$ if that tells you anything.
NeverMind the Bullocks as the sex pistols once said.

You may not see Livve again, I have a feeling they are tied up in "Licensing Issues"

So what are you waiting for you are a click awa of having your own community!
Fpath - Posted on Wednesday, October 15 2008 01:34:29 PM