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Topic Starter RainMan - Posted on Wednesday, December 24 2008 06:07:47 PM
I hear bringyourfont hacks people's computers. Sometimes even steal their email accounts. If you have experienced this please post!

Happy Holidays by the way.
jakethesnake - Posted on Friday, December 26 2008 04:42:42 PM
Yup I have a friend that claims to hacked by bringyourfont. You are not the only one I bet you it's true.
How sad an angry man like Jay hacking people he doesn't agree with.

TxCowboy4U - Posted on Thursday, April 23 2009 01:33:17 AM
Poor Jake

You cant get users any other way but to slander other sites?
Instigator - Posted on Saturday, April 25 2009 03:57:51 PM
you can always tell what the real good sites are because you have idiots like cryingrainman and jakethefake posting stupidity like that about them when its nothing but lies.
you can bet when you see jakethefake talking bad about a site its a good one and beware of the ones he talks good about.
Digg - Posted on Sunday, April 26 2009 09:35:04 PM
Having 2 detractors doesn't make your site good. By my napkin math, you're all being rocked by companies like Gamespy, GArena, Blizzard, NCSoft, and the likes. If you're going for a niche market, you've been exceedingly successful, kudos to you. If you're going for anything more than a handful of users, well you got a ways to go.
Instigator - Posted on Sunday, April 26 2009 10:01:08 PM
digg or shall i say dear abby. have you ever considered benchmarking competitors with the competition within the scope of the specific target market? comparing a major gaming industry such as gamespy to a chat site is somewhat stupid dont you think? thats like comparing apples to oranges. i hope you have a day job abby.
Digg - Posted on Sunday, April 26 2009 11:46:25 PM
Gaming site vs. Chat site. That's funny because these so-called "chat sites" are trying to get games running. Wouldn't that put them within the same competitive realm? If they're just going chat, then I rescind all my former comments and hope them the best. If they are attempting to have any game related systems, then I hold firm on all of them.

I agree it's not fair for me to compare a Corporation and a person's hobby, but when that person makes claims beyond their hobby being anything more than a hobby, that's where I have a problem. I could start a lounge that servers only cookies, but the minute I add designer coffees and cakes, I'm in competition with Starbucks. That's the way it works. What we have here are a few small timers who want to get into the classic games market, but they're having trouble.

Think what you want, I'm certain you'll have the last word in these topics anyways. Nothing really to see here or there, move along.
Instigator - Posted on Monday, April 27 2009 02:38:32 PM
your statement are very abstract abby. what sites are planning on putting in games to compete with major corporations like gamespy that has over 6,000 game lobbies hosting action games. what games are these sites planning on putting in? action games, simple flash games etc etc. give us some specificity before you blabber more stupidity abby.i will be waiting on the specifics. Names of sites - specific games. Then we can talk niche marketing. right now your just typing for attention with no validity to the subject matter. as always
StripedPJs - Posted on Monday, April 27 2009 06:01:18 PM
Without raining on too many peoples parades, you two deserve each other. The endless bickering, it's like a comedy sketch. You two should get together and start an online show. Seriously!

PCO - fpath software and Flash Spades/card games

Bringyourownfont - last I checked was flash based chat and flash games

FPath - fpath software, flash spades, and other card games

quakeiicentral - fpath software and horrible game launching method

Dang I did digg's job for him, whatever though. What cracks me up are all the sites that imitated mplayeronline, who obviously jacked mplayer, but still. Now there's the "fake" mplayeronline, mplayerfusion, mplayerinteractive....etc. Originality, some people just don't have it.
TxCowboy4U - Posted on Monday, April 27 2009 08:22:32 PM
You are correct, BringYourFont is a flash based chat program. It offers great features for people that like to chat. The ability to upload pics to profiles, upload pics in the lobby, cams and mics in the lobby, drawing board feature, and smiley icons. We love the chat program as do the users. The sound and cam quality is excellent.
Our chat software is some of the best on the market for people that love to chat.
Our users have nothing but good things to say about our program and we are happy about that.
The ones saying that we hack and have malware clearly have issues. All one has to do is scan their pc, visit the site then scan again. It is a clean site and totally free. Case closed!
jakethesnake - Posted on Friday, May 1 2009 01:44:57 AM
A person just goes to the site first time and bang he's having internet/computer problems. LOL
There's quite a few people with these problem I am not the only one. It's not even a professional site sometimes there's spelling errors. People cursing and crap. It suppose to be general man lobby and they have people swearing out of their ears. It's a boring site anyways, mainly angry people go there.
Paltalk kicks byf butt. More rooms, more people, online events, interviews etc. I never had problem with paltalk since I started going there. Never been banned from the server either. NO problem at all. I don't even get malware. Paltalk doesn't need to scan me.
BYF is sadly trying to be what livve was, which wasn't much anyways.
Well I'm off to paltalk, have fun jay with your angry friends lol
TxCowboy4U - Posted on Wednesday, May 6 2009 02:56:29 PM
Poor Jake

Everyone run you off their sites? lol I wonder why!

Instigator - Posted on Wednesday, May 6 2009 03:52:10 PM
as soon as jaketheflake is banned from that site he will be in here screaming it has malware and he is being hacked there rof
jakethesnake - Posted on Thursday, May 7 2009 03:33:42 AM
LOL awe your site is shit Jay I could careless getting banned from your worthless site. LOL I have been there for ages anyways :P
I go to paltalk where I never been banned there and it's heck a lot better there.
Poor angry Jay uploads and hack users who anger him. Go and get some anger management classes little boy LOL
jakethesnake - Posted on Thursday, May 7 2009 04:24:08 AM
Fetch Jay fetch. I throw a bone and you will fetch it LOL
Just like I play you like a little puppet you will do what I expect. You're just way too easy little boy hehehe
Instigator - Posted on Thursday, May 7 2009 06:10:35 PM
jaketheflake seems upset. looks like your the one being played. you dance like a puppet on strings
cooker - Posted on Saturday, August 12 2023 02:37:51 PM
Well the website is closed. lol
Who cares about that lame website. I was banned from more times on Jay, are you even alive? lol. Two dudes going after one dude. That's how weak your men are. You can't even fight fairly and still I win.