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Topic Starter Leshiy - Posted on Monday, January 19 2009 09:41:33 AM
Hi there, I have been experimenting with my PS3 and tuner card to play it using monitor, and had some success. So I am trying to optimise the mplayer with command line options for faster rendering and so on. So I was hoping for some helpful insight from the community.

My system spec is:
Opensuse 11.1, 3 Ghz Intel Pentium 4, 1 Gb Memory,
ATI 9600 Pro with fglrx 8.561_2.6.27.7_9.1.
PAE kernel 2.6.27_9.1,
X.Org 7.4,
MPlayer 1.0rc2_r27637 from Packman repo,
v4l 0.5.7 (from Packman repo)
Hauppaugge WinTV 34xxx
kernel modules cx88xx, cx8800

So far I have been running mplayer with this command line option: mplayer -framedrop -really-quiet -tv noaudio:width=768:height=576:input=2:norm=PAL-DK -vo x11 -zoom tv:///

This works k ish the only problem is that TV card is registered with 768x567 resolution, which means I am having to use SW scaling (-vf scale=1024:760) but that has higher latemcy than I want to play with. I have tried -dr option, but that produces unstable results, i.e. after running for a bit the mplayer screen turns green and there is nothing I can do about that, plus some error coming up in console which I will reproduce later and submit bug. I also have tried -vo xvidix option, but that has a draw back of requiring root privileges, otherwise the error that probing chipset operation not permitted comes up. Which I guess also is a bug. But I have not tried it without direct rendering. Also PAL-I works as a norm but I haven't played with that yet., and dunno what affect if any that will have.

So any more ideas and insight would help and be greatly appreciated.