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Topic Starter thespecial1 - Posted on Saturday, January 24 2009 03:34:12 PM

Hi guys

A few of my friends and myself have been writing an open source mdeia front end in C±± over the past year in opengl.

It is in the early stages of development and can be found on sourceforge called murmuur.

We have recently been investigating the source code to smplayer with a view to integrating mplayer in a similar fashion.

Could anyone please point me In the right direction of the documentation which we have been unable to find on ur website that would fully explain the best way of doing this from C±±. Or any halpful tip as understanding smplayers source code without the relevent docs is more painful than it should be.

Thanks in advance
thespecial1 - Posted on Saturday, January 24 2009 03:38:21 PM

Ps apologies for any mis spelled words but have posted via a blackberry in a car going 90 mph