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Topic Starter wkoell - Posted on Saturday, January 24 2009 09:48:54 PM

I'd like to put together to movie directory more than one set of subtitles, mostly i need them in two languages -- in Estonian (my mother tongue) and in English (to have more language practice). For automagic use their file names should be same like the movie file name, but this allows only one subs set at once.

Is this possible to have more than one set subtitles in the same directory with some naming logic? Like and It seems to me, that some years ago mplayer recognized more complicated patterns than now. Am i wrong?

How mplayer chooses and locates subtitles?

For now i use hack, that Estonian subs have srt-extension and English sub-extension, but i'd like to have better solution, to have more languages covered, for example.

-sub option does not suit either, because it does not let switch subtitles during movie.

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