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Topic Starter skybluec - Posted on Monday, February 9 2009 02:13:51 PM
I just installed mplayer and am thinking through the easiest way to create playlists.

One hack I tried was doing

%ls /.../Music/Moby/ > play.pls

This gave me

03 - Porcelain.ogg
04 - Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?.ogg
06 - Rushing.ogg
08 - Natural Blues.ogg
10 - 7.ogg
11 - Run On.ogg
14 - Everloving.ogg
15 - Inside.ogg

note: I didn't rip all of the tracks

and then starting mplayer with

%mplayer -playlist /.../Music/Moby/play.pls

I didn't need to prepend the full path to the beginning of each file since all of the files are in the same directory as play.pls

Has anyone written a shell script which would do something like prepend pwd to an ls dump?