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Topic Starter rittergig - Posted on Thursday, February 19 2009 05:32:16 PM
on my Notebook mplayer does not work.
MPlayer 1.0rc2 works fine, but every newer version of mplayer does not play video files.

I tried every version (athlon, p3, p4, rtm; > 1.0rc2).

If I start playing a video with mplayer the video plays just 1 second. After this time the audio is repeating the first second all the time.
Mplayer does not react on keypresses too.

But playing audio files like mp3 does work.

On my notebook is Windows Vista 32bit and an intel cpu.

My fried has the same problem with Windows XP.
On my Desktop PC mplayer plays videos without problems. But the Desktop has a AMD Athlon X2 CPU.

Why does mplayer not work?
How can i fix this problem?

Thank you.