Topic - Old MP User KITKAT- looking for old pals

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Topic Starter KitKat_250 - Posted on Monday, March 2 2009 06:23:50 AM
Word em up folks! It's KitKat back at chya just shakin the trees here... I miss the old MPlayer and all the insane chats we'd have. Names that come to mind are Maelstrom, JustLush, a bunch of others. I still talk to a few people like SilentBob, and Neptune...a few others. I was banned from MPlayer because I kept putting the word "nipples" into the chatroom title. JEEZ. It's not even a swear word....anyway, hit me up if you recognize any of these names, my email is koramah_333 @ hot mail dot com. Yah dig?
Raptor-98-TCK - Posted on Friday, March 6 2009 07:51:02 AM
I can't say I remember ya, but damn, Mplayer was super awesome. Since we both share a common back ground you are pretty much like a brother in Mplayer. I was like 12 or 13 when mplayer was around. I'm 21 now but I still wish I could have it back!

Remember the game Y.A.R.N? that game was pretty addicting.
KitKat_250 - Posted on Tuesday, March 24 2009 06:05:32 PM
I'm 22 now too, and yes I remember YARN! Best game ever...I still try to get people to play it now... but it's different when you have to do it on paper lol.