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Topic Starter Fpath - Posted on Saturday, March 14 2009 12:56:16 PM
We have been working with a company to find ways we can offer games via the web so that we don't have mixed code and use bandwidth like mplayer did. Mlagger

Most games have a built in launch browser now with a list of ip's "servers" that are live and realtime games being played. Game Spy takes these server list and do the same thing.

We have found a solution to the action games in fact over 50 games like Counterstrike Quake and many new games like frontlines and left4dead .

We are officially a partner with
that will let you keep up with all action games you play your clans servers and clickable game launchers. Over 50 games listed you can now get an Fpath solution set up for and launch games from the rooms.

We will be working with them in the future for Fpath Global release for more new features and different game solutions.

Windows 7 will offer a new Multiplayer Spades game. i have been beta testing this game and Windows & and will have a solution for this game with Fpath along with other card& board games as they are release for this operating system.
get Fpath 8.0 now !
Thunder - Posted on Sunday, March 15 2009 12:48:15 AM
hope your paying the programer more then 300 USD ;)
Fpath - Posted on Sunday, March 15 2009 05:01:24 PM
If you only knew!!!
Digg - Posted on Wednesday, March 18 2009 11:29:59 PM
If you're paying any more than $150 and didn't go through either rent-a-coder or simply get 90% of the source online, you're a fool. Game launch software is ridiculously easy to make and SEVERAL FREE SOLUTIONS EXIST. That being said, stop the bickering.