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Topic Starter ShawnsOnlineB - Posted on Friday, March 20 2009 06:56:21 AM
Just a word of adivce from a old Mplayer Sage and supprt tech from and a staff member of other chat/video/gaming sites (currenty retired and moved onto bigger and better things that actualy make money instead of making 0 anything for volunteer time). mplayerlive as i heard it called is run by a few hackers who originaly built the site to download torjan and other various backdoor programs to the user who signed up for the site so dont touch it and dont even think of visiting the site. and yes most of the gaming sites are dead now adays for the most part except for a select few. If you do have questions on how i make online money btw since i did bring it up feel free to shoot me a email at [email protected] because i feel it is everyones equal right to earn a decent income via the internet, this is not a trick or a hoax or a trojan or anything else but friendly advice. persoanly the best game servers i have seen on topic again are those which are run strictly from the games site itself ie, blizzard for example. also if you want to work for a site that deals for gaming Blizzard also offers alot of job openings that are avalable for tech support and pay well, only got to work in their HQ Office that emans you get your own desk and work space not on the net. anyway i do miss the good ol mplayer days back when i was a sage but even then there was a few backstabbers around and also like livve there was a (secret side) that was hidden from normal users and gamers made strictly for buissness users (go fig). but theres my two cents on a few things on my mind btw (2 star Sage Sage-MrPowers)
Digg - Posted on Friday, March 20 2009 08:59:40 PM
...mplayerlive hasn't existed for a while homeboy. I think you're behind by like almost a year now. Bwahahahahahaha cracks me up though.
jakethesnake - Posted on Friday, April 10 2009 08:17:09 AM
Haha I told those dumb a$$es their site won't last long. It was a pathetic site who ended up banning too many innocent people.
Digg - Posted on Friday, April 10 2009 06:05:19 PM
Haha nah, their site was still better than most of these other services. Their real problem was it had become a one man show with one owner fixing, setting up, and running while the others bailed. I don't really think they banned too many people, just people left because it wasn't fast enough. Don't know that's just my 2 cents.
Instigator - Posted on Saturday, April 25 2009 05:50:44 PM
digg is always giving his 2 cents and thats about all its worth. the only thing he said that makes sense is he doesnt know. digg is like a wannabe abby that just cant get it right. keep trying digg if you keep it up you might say something worth reading someday.
Digg - Posted on Sunday, April 26 2009 09:33:29 PM
Haha, doesn't know? I've been on all the services and if that's alot of people, then I'm Ronald McDonald. Not a single service listed on here cept for garena has the equivalent numbers to necessitate keeping a business afloat. It's nice that you want to join the fun though, adequate name you have there.
Instigator - Posted on Sunday, April 26 2009 09:39:15 PM
funny you mention ronald mcdonald because every time you try to critique something thats the vision i get of you.
Digg - Posted on Sunday, April 26 2009 11:36:20 PM
Ronald is a pimp man, you just don't know haha. Anyways, the numbers some of these guys are pulling aren't even a fraction of a percentage of other services. For being "gaming" services which is what advertises here, they aren't doing their job. If they want to stay in the niche market that is "old mplayer" that's fine, but don't expect to get rich off it. Not that many people want old mplayer back. If they did, it'd be back in some form, but after witnessing the last 5 years of chat services going back and forth, it's just not going to happen.

It really is a niche market and not really an adequate base for any business to build around. There are so many imitations available now, none of which accomplish the original effect. Most are using flash based garbage or jumping on the fpath bandwagon.

To be honest, the FPath owner is a fucking genius. Not only is he collecting off many of these services, but he's running his own. He has "control" technically and just rakes it in off this niche market. As for most of these topics, these will be my last postings as this site is full of people with alot of bark, but no bite, and I have things to do.
Instigator - Posted on Monday, April 27 2009 02:45:38 PM
abby you have got to be kidding me. anyone trying to niche the old mplayer is a fool. the software style is out dated. the games are for the old school gamers and chatters. they are all getting old now. the market is narrowing. the new generation of gamers and chatters want different games and more modern chat software. get off of this forum and do some real research then come back and give us some up to date information. i have a feeling you wear bell bottom pants - high heel shoes and sporting a fro all while wearing a shirt full of flowers and driving a van with PEACE TO THE WORLD painted on it.
StripedPJs - Posted on Monday, April 27 2009 05:50:53 PM
MplayerLive has been registered to s seperate group from the orignal people (Darkone and AimTron). If you consider that fake, then it is indeed fake. As for viruses and other supposed garbage in the software - Never happened. If you must know, here is the run down.

AimTron, Darkone, and Knowledge make a site (MPLAYER ONLINE/Online Interactions). AimTron and Knowledge don't see eye to eye when it comes to design whether it be client skin, functionality, or website. Knowledge neglects his duties for a while and leaves on good terms in the end. AimTron struggles to maintain the site design and the client design as the lone programmer. Darkone eventually neglects his duties and AimTron gets left to try to manage a large portion of it himself. Eventually the project gets overwhelming as many large-scale projects do with only one person working on them. Darkone disappears for a while and AimTron moves to Cali and takes up a job at Blizzard Entertainment. The End.

As for the last 2 posts, maybe I'm misreading, but you two are hilarious. You're agreeing with each other and don't realize it. Digg says the mplayer niche market is stupid, then instigator follows up saying niche markets are stupid. I'm pretty sure that's the general idea at least.

Thanks for the comedic relieft.
Instigator - Posted on Monday, April 27 2009 07:17:37 PM
I dont think you are misreading but you are misunderstanding. yes i agree that trying to niche the old mplayer is stupid on the other hand abby was insinuating there are some trying to do just that. i dont think that is the case and was the point i was trying to make. as far as the mplayerlive issue goes the bottom line is never start something you dont plan on finishing. all the garbage about trojans and malware that goes on in these forums is just that garbage. certain people make statements like that to attempt to keep people from using the sites. must be a jealousy thing going on.
StripedPJs - Posted on Monday, April 27 2009 08:48:32 PM
If they aren't trying to start in those niche markets, then I'm confused by some of the advertising. FPath has directly stated in their adverts "start your own mplayer" as well as FantaziaChat trying to immitate the old mplayer look. What finally comes down to it all is that they all kinda look like the old mplayer, and most of them want games. If looking like old mplayer and acting kinda like old mplayer isn't catering to a niche market, I don't know what is...
Instigator - Posted on Monday, April 27 2009 09:35:54 PM
just because Fpath uses that as a advertising tool dont mean people are buying it to imitate Mplayer. im pretty sure they buy the software because of the price. for a new site with no users and a low budget its the best way to get started but certainly not the way of the future. i would recommend a modern flash chat with better features and compatible with all browsers and operating systems and more importantly no download. people dont like downloads they like to browse and just enter a user name then enter the chat.
StripedPJs - Posted on Monday, April 27 2009 10:59:06 PM
I actually disagree. I dislike flash chat as it can't utilize the true potential of the computer. I also dislike running stuff out of a browser because I find browsers clunky and annoying. Much is the reason I use actualy instant messengers instead of their web-based counter-parts. I think that's personal opinion though so there's nothing to argue there. I think FPath is a poor substitue for chatting, but works wonders for low-end chat communities. The wave of the future with regard to gaming are services like Microsoft's Live service for both XBox and PC.
Instigator - Posted on Wednesday, May 6 2009 04:07:29 PM
i see fpath raised their prices and added some features. hard to say now if it is the best low end alternative because i didnt see a demo to check it out. as far as the flash versus client/server applications i personally like the flash chat. no downloads no hassles and great features. depending on the program being used.
StripedPJs - Posted on Wednesday, May 6 2009 09:32:59 PM
I recently noticed that Bringyourfont requires a download (exe) to install. I thought it was a flash site? Oh well, either way, the future certainly isn't flash, but people are welcome to their own opinions.
jakethesnake - Posted on Thursday, May 7 2009 03:31:23 AM
BYF is garbage that's why they are too lazy to make a proper web page to their flash site. I have even seen spelling mistakes on the site LOL
Flash is garbage for chat. I use it for paltalk, I hate it but the only alternative is to use windows which I don't want to do. Flash is limited in many ways and slow as hell for chat. The potential features for flash chat is severely limited.
Instigator - Posted on Thursday, May 7 2009 06:19:21 PM
jaketheflake you have serious byfphobia. a sign of jealousy.

StripedPJs i use byf daily there is no download. they do have a vb exe for a shortcut but its browser based and only given to people that request a shortcut icon for their desktop. there is no link for it on the site that i know of
jakethesnake - Posted on Saturday, May 9 2009 03:56:53 AM
LOL Jealousy of what?
I have no interest in running a chat site. Not jealous of a site that only has around 30 users. I go to a site site has over 5 million users each month! hahah Jealous.

Poof Jay can even fight for himself! that's so funny I would never be jealous of a puzzyboy like Jay. Keep on trying and keep with the facts :P
Instigator - Posted on Saturday, May 9 2009 05:29:17 PM
jaketheflake your jealous just admit it. you lay in bed at night tossing and turning mumbling byf byf byf over and over.
RainMan - Posted on Sunday, May 17 2009 01:26:27 PM
Instigator you have a crush on jake?

Only you think about jake 24/7. Besides he has been here for a while and you're still talking about him.

Time for you to get a life beyond the keyboard? lol