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Topic Starter Fpath - Posted on Sunday, March 22 2009 09:08:46 PM
First, I have to agree with some of the of the post! It is stupid to argue over chat systems and attack people here. You must forgive me I still have "FIGHT ROOM" phobia. I Had so much fun and good times on I don't think anyone could ever match that place. But some great attempts to are on the net. Fantazia chat is very well built and looks like it could be Mplayer. I wish all of the chat system builders well and hope they find the path to success!

Time has come for the new breed of Social Chat sites, tons of them out there! lots of copycat myspace sites. The same people who own gamespy own myspace and you would think they would have learned from the past and put 2&2 together.

Fpath Global has started development! we have decided to start from scratch and create a complete social environment along with the mplayer style chat system with all of the old features and new features with new technology that will catch the eye of 2009-2010 communities.

This site will not be built with Delphi!!! notice I said "site" it will be totally integrated with a full blown website and offer coding areas for adding vBulletin forums code, code for custom games and so on. This platform will cover XP,Vista,Windows 7 and others like Mac.

Fpath Global will be a "service" like the old Mplayer with a new touch. We will expand and offer the system custom to others but it will be a bit pricy as you can imagine. The reason I'm posting this here and I know I will get slammed but that's all good! I post this in hopes of getting current customers and friends attention so they can be involved on the developer forum.
At the moment only some request to register on the forum will be allowed, but we plan to open in September for trial runs and beta testing.

If you have done business with Fpath or have some other relations with me, please feel free to go to this site and sign up!
Fpath - Posted on Sunday, March 22 2009 09:11:55 PM
wrong link..

Thunder - Posted on Wednesday, April 1 2009 02:59:16 PM
i may not get on with fpath but here sumthing you maybe intrested in steve may save you alot of time and trouble
Fpath - Posted on Monday, April 6 2009 05:43:21 PM
Thanks ..but we are in business to sell not rent. lol