Topic - Odd sound problem with TV?

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Topic Starter lugoteehalt - Posted on Sunday, April 5 2009 01:43:56 PM
Cannot get sound out of the loudspeakers with mplayer - I mean sound through mplayer, not sound through a wire from TV card to sound card.

Using Philips saa7133 chips on tv card. Card is wired to soundcard via CD-cable type connection.

To pick one case because it seems like a clue to what's going on:

I get two lots of sound at about 1/3 second appart. One of them responds to mplayer's mute and volume controls the other does not. If, in alsamixer, CD is muted one of them goes. If pcm, as opposed to pcm1 is stopped from capturing ditto.

If the CD-wire is removed both sounds dissapear.

mplayer reports it is giving sound.

What I need is to get sound through mplayer so that I can fix the a/v synchronisation, which is wrong in some circumstances.

Thanks any help.