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Topic Starter TxC0wboy4U - Posted on Saturday, May 2 2009 10:37:16 PM
Sorry folks Bringyourfont will close in a few months. I need a life, I am tired of sitting on my fat ass all day.

Take care,

TxCowboy4U - Posted on Wednesday, May 6 2009 03:01:21 PM
Poor Jake

Sorry but the site is there to stay. Bringyourfont rawks. Poor Jake must want to be me. When you have to clone someones name you're losing!
Instigator - Posted on Wednesday, May 6 2009 03:47:27 PM
jaketheflake can you make my name next? what a tard!!!!!!!!!
jakethesnake - Posted on Thursday, May 7 2009 03:36:01 AM
Why would I want to be a fat angry loser like you boy? LOL
Man whoever it is, is getting on your nerves.
Shouldn't you be looking after you site instead of being on here? LOL You're a puppet that play into the hands of a troll. Well done Jay hahha
Instigator - Posted on Thursday, May 7 2009 06:13:56 PM
jaketheflake has resorted to name calling. how typical. im guessing jake is like 12.