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Topic Starter jakethesnake - Posted on Saturday, May 9 2009 03:58:10 AM
The only successful chat site is paltalk. It's not live, fpath or byf. Over 5 million users people. Forget the other sites! :P
Instigator - Posted on Saturday, May 9 2009 05:30:26 PM
i hear thats a site for gay men. no wonder you like it so much
RainMan - Posted on Tuesday, May 12 2009 08:44:42 AM
If he's gay why are you following him? Do you have an obsession gay men? :S
Instigator - Posted on Wednesday, May 13 2009 04:30:43 PM
thanks for the confirmation rainman.
RainMan - Posted on Sunday, May 17 2009 01:24:31 PM
Not a confirmation at all. Just asking a simple question. Look like you're gay. He doesn't say anything gay in nature.
Fpath - Posted on Friday, June 19 2009 07:31:35 PM
Jakes problem is, he don't have any optapaner in him. To cheap to buy his own software and run a site and could not do it if he wanted to. So his jealous ass sets on this forum talking shit about other people. I would like Jake to know his bullshit post has not effected the sell of Fpath software in anyway. There such thing as "advertisement from idiots" most people like to see for themselves so they come to Fpath anyway.

So if everyone on this board is looking at this post dont listen to Jake he thinks you are stupid.

I'm saying this and you can tell everyone I did Jakethesnake can go f*&% himself.
Fpath - Posted on Friday, June 19 2009 07:34:01 PM
Fpath was successful enough to cause people to buy software and create drama from Jakethefake lol
Fpath - Posted on Friday, June 19 2009 07:35:49 PM
I know what we can do.. lets all go to mplayerlivve right Jake lol