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Topic Starter Raptor-98-TCK - Posted on Saturday, May 9 2009 07:01:11 PM
I know at least one person here remembers that first person shooter MPlayer had which is set ancient Egypt, you played as the Egyptian gods (such as Horus and Anubis) that shot missiles and rockets and set traps and mines for the other players. The Egyptian gods were robot-like. One of the super weapons was something like the eye of RA. You set it, and 30 seconds later it sets up and starts shooting deadly red lasers at anyone within a medium range. Anyone remember the name of this?
waybackmachine - Posted on Sunday, May 10 2009 07:24:26 AM

...if u know the name of the game go there on left under the rpg,sims,action,click more will show u a list and info on all games that page is from dec 12, 98 maybe that will help?
St0rmcr0vv - Posted on Tuesday, April 20 2010 08:22:25 PM
Guessing you already found the answer to this but the game was SCARAB by EA games. Very cool and free to download now. No fun single player tho.