Topic - Black screen on projector, works on laptop. Need help.

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Topic Starter iesos - Posted on Wednesday, July 1 2009 03:59:23 PM

I've got an T43 thinkpad with an ATI X300, and hooking it up to a projector works fine, pressing fn+F5 (which clones the screen and shows the same image on the projector and the laptop screen).

However playing a movie with mplayer, defaulting to the xv vo, the mplayer window on the projector is completely black, but on the laptop it works fine. Using the x11 vo, which is too slow for my needs (T43 is not very new), the movie is show on both screens as I want.

Anyone with an idea of how this could be fixed? I have tried the adapter option, set to -2,-1,0,1,2, with only negative result (no mplayer window at all). So any ideas would be very helpful!

Thanks in advance.