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Topic Starter Majik - Posted on Wednesday, August 12 2009 11:45:00 AM
Hey, I see people still bring up Mplayer, yeah, best gaming client i've ever used, looking for old friends. Here are some games i've played on mplayer and the SN I used for each. Ahh, Back to the terminal velocity days :) With all of the programmers today it's a shame we can't find anyone to develop a similar application, I'm sure some people would be happy to produce some 3rd party servers for rent for the service until it can be compensated.


Quake 1 - TIK-Sniper, Eq-Erazi3r
Quake 2 - TIK-Sniper, EQ-Erazier
Quake 3 - [NaTTaS]Anarki, tik/Sonos, tik/LemonLime, jewd,

anyone know Sage-Combo? If so that's my dad too! hit me up!