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Topic Starter billly123 - Posted on Monday, September 7 2009 08:38:54 AM
I am running Mplayer 4.3.2 on Fedora 10 from the Terminal without X11 at a VGA resolution of 1280x768. The video, audio and keyboard shortcuts work great, and eventhough I have used the -fs option, the video is not able to expand and fit the screen. Mplayer goes fullscreen but the actual video size remains small. However if I change to a lower VGA resolution (800x600) the video expands to fit the screen.
I have also tried the -vf expand option but did not get the video to expand to fit the whole screen.I tried

mplayer -vf expand=800:::::4/3 filename

but that doesnt help.

How can I make the video to fit the screen at the higher resolution.

Thank you.