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Topic Starter Aussierick - Posted on Wednesday, December 23 2009 01:19:42 PM
I have read a lot of BS going on about Mplayer USA, Livve and the like.

Lets get something straight here and now. There was nothing wrong with Mplayer USA, or MPlayer-Europe etc. They have the perfect setup for the users who like the software to play the classic games like Backgammon and spades stc just to name a few.

Now what made them fail is simple it's MONEY !! End of stor. mpath got too greedy and paid the price for it and in the end it was the users who suffered.

Now that being said Mplayer-Europe and Livve suffered because of what had happened with Mplayer USA and of course Gamespy as well.

Had Mpath has stuck to having classic games and
the community lobbies, the users (customers) with what that had, Mplayer USA would still be here today making Money.

But because Mpath got greedy and included the other games that's when they got into trouble.
I would have been happy just to have the ommunity lobbies and the classic games.

And thats where Mplayer-Europe and now Livve and others I have to say got into trouble as well because of Gamespy, if they has just stayed with the classic games and the comminuty lobbies they would have been fine, but NOOOOOOOO they had to get greedy.

If I remember right to get a plus name it was like $10-$12 Australian a month. I would have paid that just for the comminuty lobbies and the ability to play the classic games and if Mpath would have used some common sense they would still have Mplayer USA running now.

If I had the money and the skills I would try to bring back the old Mplayer software back exactly as it was back then. I would just hava the community lobbies and the classic games, and I would probably add a few more classic games like Yahtzy and scrabble. And I would probly have the plus name cheaper then what it was back then,m depending of course the money I would have had to pay out in getting it up and running.

But what really irks me is ppl paid for their plus names and was still paying for them for quite some time after MPlayer USA shutdown. Same thing happened when livve shutdown without warning.

Needles to say there was absolutely no customer service, and in the end Customers were pissed off no end when they were treated like crap.

I would love to see Mplayer back but this time with a strong sense of Customer service and looking to give the customers (users) their moneys worth and not worrying about the big bucks they would got out of the RPG games and the like.

like I said if I had the money and the skills to do it I would bring back Mplayer USA in a heart beat.

One more comment to make is not everyone on teh planet like RPG games to begin with, and everyone enjoys the classic games at some pint. So if any company wises up and bring MPlpayer back wouls make a lost of money, Think about it.

I agree with Steve CEO of Fpath, it's time for the BS to stop. Every compnay is different and does thinge defferently and shouldn't be given shit for trying to make a buck,

Anyone who don't like what I have to see, that's their right. anyone want to abuse me for it will only get a one finger finger salute in their face from me. Don't like what I have to say, well than that's just too bad for you !!
PCO_DAWN - Posted on Tuesday, January 5 2010 07:42:54 PM
As one of the owners of, which is where most of the livve spade players have settled, I have to agree with you. MPL and GS were fantastic and sad to say they let it go, too much at once perhaps, lack of support, or even maybe after years they had enough.

Gaming and site owners have the right to do what they deem fit..... We are doing the best we can with developing our own games, making them as close to what we can to what people like.
We have Pcospades, pcobackgammon, Pcodrawing board, and YARN is in the making :)

We all miss the old places, but things happen and we need to move on. With the cost of development etc..... its hard to find free sites and decent gaming sites now.