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Topic Starter raevella - Posted on Sunday, December 27 2009 08:10:15 PM
I was just sitting here reminiscing about the good times. I know you all remember YARN. If you don't, there's a brief, and I do mean Brief, description of it on GameSpy: We use to create stories by voting on the best sentences. The craziest sentence always won. I miss this game! I miss Mplayer!!! Hell - I miss all of my friends!!!!! Crystal from ATL, Adam, etc. We use to wild-out on the mic; singing, joking, talking noise, putting our mic up to the old media player to play our favorite songs! Just straight out tripping. I even miss the haters: "girl you know you can't sing. get your behind (you know the haters didn't say "behind") off the mic!" lol People use to talk so much junk. Those were the days!
raevella - Posted on Sunday, December 27 2009 08:17:04 PM
There's a similar game out there now called Farragomate which is almost as good:, but the vibe just isn't the same as it was on I don't think any social site or game could ever come close to recreating what mplayer had. Not even GameSpy.
PCO_DAWN - Posted on Tuesday, January 5 2010 07:32:24 PM
We are in the process of having Y.A.R.N developed as of yesterday, should be ready and in beta in about 2 weeks.

Trying to come as close to Gamespy Yarn, as possbile
Jaydia - Posted on Saturday, April 6 2013 05:05:13 PM
It looks like MPlayer is back! Check out Be sure to follow them on facebook and twitter to keep up with the latest news. Their graphics are amazing. I've been reading up on their progress, and I have to say, it looks like the real deal this time. How exciting!