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Topic Starter Thunder - Posted on Thursday, February 18 2010 06:24:25 PM
I will like to clear up somethings as you know fantaziachat closed its doors last year it was more of a business choose to save cash as we were paying 200+ bucks a month for a professional server and with no income it got alittle to much for our pockets so me and my other business partners decided to close the site and server down to try and save cash.

now here the fun part the fantaziachat project itself is still on going we are still working on the product and are hoping to get a stable system soon for public use however we will be doing things a little different then from the first time around, fantaziachat will be a full download for both client and server software the only limitions are being the allowed connections to your own server.

full custom branding will also be available along with support.

fantaziachat will come back maybe as a new name but it will come back!.

screenshots are available at more shoots will be added as we update client.