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Topic Starter Denzelg - Posted on Wednesday, April 14 2010 05:56:29 AM
I have downloaded Mplayer for windows
and I want to view a youtube clip using
File->Open URL->copy the URL address, but Mplayer is not able to play the clip.

This is the error message that I got:

command line:
"C:Program FilesMPlayer for Windowsmplayer.exe" -slave -identify
-noquiet -wid 197422 -colorkey 0x101010 -nokeepaspect -framedrop
-autosync 100 -vf screenshot -font C:WINDOWSFontsArial.ttf -priority
abovenormal -ao dsound:device=0 -sws 9 -af volnorm=2

MPlayer Sherpya-SVN-r30945-4.2.5 (C) 2000-2010 MPlayer Team
Setting process priority: abovenormal
150 audio & 337 video codecs

Resolving for AF_INET...
Connecting to server[]: 80...
Cache size set to 320 KBytes

Exiting... (End of file)

Does anybody know how to resolve this problem or it is just the fact that this Mplayer doesnt support streaming.