Topic - How to refresh stream as it is being played?

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Topic Starter shardy1216 - Posted on Wednesday, May 26 2010 03:02:30 PM

I use mplayer to capture several .rm streams of radio shows to my hard drive throughout the day, and at time listen to them as they are being recorded. The problem is that when I start playing one back, it will only play the file as it was when i started the playback process -- in other words, if the stream has been recording for one hour, and I start playback, it will only play back one hour of it. Is there a way to have it read in the next hour of it that has been recording while I was listening to the playback? As it stands now, it just reaches "end of file" and I restart the playback and fast forward to the point where it exited the playback.

Thanks for any help you can give me. I know it's not the clearest explanation of my problem ;). Some possible relevant information:

mplayer version: SVN-r31179
OS: Debian sid amd64
stream recorded via: mplayer -v -dumpstream -dumpfile $fname -playlist mms://$streamname &