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Topic Starter qwerty1 - Posted on Monday, August 2 2010 10:50:51 PM
looks like global chat and games launched a new beta: :o:o

i hear cco is, too!!!

pco better get to updating! fpath is out... people want something near mplayer.
PCO_DAWN - Posted on Monday, August 30 2010 03:12:59 PM
Pco does want a clone of mplayer. mplayer is as outdated as fpath..... todays times modern sites are needed, not remakes of 1999! social networks are the modern way.

Now look at whats going on, theres 4 clones of mplayer now, I have seen each of them, kinda like when fpath was sold to so many people.

why does the internet need 10 mplayer clones?
here we go again, MPLAYER was a success cause there was only one...... and everyone had one download. now theres a few and more popping up.
I have seen one really well made site so far.. the rest are all clones.... do we need 10 mplayers?

All people are doing is getting people to invest money and then look alike sites start to pop up.

Pco does not wanna be mplayer/ its the year 2010. wake up people

Theres only one mplayer clone I have seen that I think was well done. and thats the one I think will make it :) anyone can clone sites, but not everyone can run one.......

PCO_DAWN - Posted on Monday, August 30 2010 03:21:04 PM
another note:

Why is it simon is insisting that he is making the one and only new mplayer for ( site I wont name)
When in fact in this forum is another Mplayer new site which I think is awesome and very well done.

I see a year of Mplayers? just like the year of fplayers and fpaths??

whats next year? whose cloning Gamespy?? now thats a site I miss :)

You think your gonna get people away from facebook and twitter to go back to 1999... good luck with it :)
as for spaders, we a die hard group, gettting more and more scarce. perhaps they like farming on FB better ......WTG FACEBOOK!

happy surfing :)

L3gacy - Posted on Monday, August 30 2010 06:39:13 PM
huh The HIVE ? I does not get anymore Mplayer like then that :)
PCO_DAWN - Posted on Tuesday, August 31 2010 03:08:46 AM
legacy.... I sent the owner whoever that is , and email I had hoped they would reply.

perhaps you can have them email me, or you can, I have something to ask ya and i cant on this forums :)

U can email me at [email protected], or leave a contact I can reach the owners of the site


Nikki..Nikki - Posted on Monday, November 1 2010 02:25:02 PM
One of the better sites I found was GamingPeak. There are a quite a few mplayer people playing there.