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Topic Starter L3gacy - Posted on Tuesday, August 10 2010 03:41:51 PM

It's been ten months since we opened our doors to the AVP community and what an epic ten months it’s been. The year is not over just yet. I would like to announce that on August 13th, 2010 we will be posting our highly anticipated game client preview (The Hive) on AVPSource. For all of the new people that have joined Source in the last few months allow me to catch you up to speed. The staff at The Hive Network & AVPSource set out to recreate some of the best gaming times of our lives! Twelve years ago, back in 1998, there was a gaming client called Mplayer that many gamers used and loved. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and Mplayer was no exception and was bought out by GameSpy in early 2001. Since then many of us Mplayer gamers have been bouncing back and forth from game to game trying to find that same gaming experience. Needless to say; and I'm sure I speak for a good majority of the old Mplayer community, that none of us have been successful. Until NOW!!

We hope to see many of you on August 13th to read all about our new gaming client. Please check back often for other exciting news and updates regarding the gaming client and more.

I leave you with this awesome wallpaper created by AvPSource's very own Ambrosiia.
L3gacy - Posted on Friday, August 13 2010 07:44:47 AM
The Preview has been posted!!!

And no it's not the Fpath Crap!
qwerty1 - Posted on Friday, August 13 2010 02:39:58 PM
Whenever I go to the link or anything on the domain, I get the "Problem Loading Page" error.
qwerty1 - Posted on Friday, August 13 2010 02:43:41 PM
Scratch that-- tried it in IE.

Very impressive! I hope you have Spades and other card games on there-- you'll have loads of people if you do!
L3gacy - Posted on Friday, August 13 2010 03:04:43 PM
Yes we will :)
L3gacy - Posted on Friday, August 13 2010 03:10:07 PM
Yea sorry about that we was updating our server and had to take it down for a Sec. Should be up and rocking now :) Also thx for your reply and please help us spared the word! MPLAYER IS BACK!!
L3gacy - Posted on Monday, August 30 2010 06:20:53 PM
lol Why are you bumping old post about chat..Have you not seen the Hive? Thit looks more like Mplayer then any other Chat site.. 100% raw new code.(FPATH is CRAP- PCO uses FCrap- You should just apply to help run The Hive chatrooms. unless you want to lose all your people and work to The Hive..


See for your self. The days of Fpath are over :)Think God!
L3gacy - Posted on Monday, August 30 2010 07:06:10 PM
You can use this forum to ask any questions about the new Hive Client.

The site you are going to is called AVPSource. This site was used to announce our Gaming/Chat client to the world. To help give people an idea of what we are doing. You can take a look around <----- to get a better understanding. All of our featured games will have a site like Source.

We are also looking for staff for our chat-room side of things. You can send your resume to [email protected] We look forward to reading your e-mail.

PCO_DAWN - Posted on Tuesday, August 31 2010 03:15:18 AM
psst I am PCO :)

fpath aint good but its usable..... its our spades, backgammon, pictionary and now yarn( in the works) we focused on having developed :) and Im proud of my games :) as long a fpath works were using it. We have done what most couldnt, we developed our own spades and 3d backgammon which uses unity :)

If we didnt have the games we made, that would be diff :)
Mplayerlive tried to develope spades they couldnt, most now just rent or link to games. Not us, we own ours :)

Much luck with the site :) seems very well done!
winks :)
OutKast - Posted on Thursday, September 9 2010 04:41:06 AM
DUDE this is awesome news the hive looks just like the old Mplayer!!! When will this be ready? Going to AVP Source to Reg now. Thanks for the news mate.
L3gacy - Posted on Friday, September 17 2010 08:08:23 AM
Just wanted to let you guys know. The Hive's website is now open to the public. This is the home for the new up and coming chat&video game client. Link of preview
L3gacy - Posted on Friday, November 19 2010 10:51:25 AM
Sorry about the bad link guys as we updated our site a few weeks ago. Here is the new link.

The True Mplayer Predecessor (The Hive)
qwerty1 - Posted on Thursday, December 2 2010 09:14:39 PM
When will The Hive be available for download; I'm really eager to see it!
L3gacy - Posted on Saturday, December 4 2010 12:27:15 PM
Soon! ATM we are working on the community page. It's a big network with a lot of resources. It's more then just a client :) I'll post more info soon.