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Topic Starter XP-FOX - Posted on Sunday, December 19 2010 06:11:19 PM
Well well looks like some old mplayer friends are still here. This is Fox leader and board member of XtremePain and Angles Of Death. looking for some of the old timers like mark or bigdaddy maybe eddie wondering if any of you old timers still chatting. well let me know asta for now and merry christmas old mplayers
XP-BatterY_Mb - Posted on Wednesday, September 28 2011 03:06:09 PM
just started looking around for some of the old boys too,so where are ya?
im on yahoo @ Robowobo
xlDarkMessiahlx - Posted on Tuesday, May 6 2014 07:50:59 PM
well well some old friends should be here im the leader of the angels of death AOD_ im back well part of me i miss mplayer =(