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Topic Starter GRiLLeR - Posted on Tuesday, May 17 2011 06:55:12 PM
any old R6 mplayer peeps out there? i used to love that game. probably logged more hours that anyother game.

it was so long ago - barely remember the clans (DFA, MYM, SRP)

this game really got me into FPS. What do the old players play now? i got really into COD BO. im on 360 if old r6 peeps want to catch up ID: Mr BrewFace

Aradax - Posted on Wednesday, July 20 2011 02:47:27 PM

I used to play loads of Rogue Spear and AvP via Mplayer. I used to be in a clan called RMC and another I cant remember now. I remember a couple of names from RS, Evil Eye and Razor. Very good times, and I didnt even have a mic, all done by typing.
Even now I play games like BF2 etc and although fun, I still have fond memories for RS and MP.

If anyone remembers me I still use Aradax as my gaming name, first made for RS. Also my xbox name.
Gamer83 - Posted on Wednesday, September 14 2011 08:43:31 PM
man i used to love this game,just the other night i was looking around online for an R6 gaming community in hopes people still play it,no luck.countless hours playing this game it rocked,Mint,Oilrig,killhouse multiplayer was fun as i miss those times (tear)sniff sniff,i built a rig with old hardware just to play my favourite classics,Half Life originally got me into the fps scene,back in the day it was all about the hl dm and r6.
XP-BatterY_Mb - Posted on Wednesday, September 28 2011 03:14:53 PM
those were the top of my gaming days too, just isn't the same maybe it's because Mplayer was the newest thing at the time, who knows fuck i play a playstation now lol..