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Topic Starter mplayerpro - Posted on Saturday, August 20 2011 10:16:32 PM
Just wanted to pass it on to all the users here that we created a site which we hope will benefit its users, especially of the old mplayer members.

We are still in the process of building the site however here are some things we have added so far.

- Professional site design, not cluttered with obtrusive ads like most gaming social network sites

- Forums that are system and game specific and general.

- Full community system (Think Facebook style)

- Groups. This will allow users to add a custom group such as a clan / team. You can add a logo, image gallery, videos, built in discussions and more.

- Full event calendar for event submission

- Video and Image Galleries

- News feeds for popular systems

Features we are working on;

- Custom Card games

- Standard chat and voice & video chat

Things we have been considering;

- Game launching gizmo, similar to the original mplayer and others that have come and gone. However, if we build this system, it would be marketed in a way to include the setup in boxed versions and digital downloads of popular games.

As of right now, the site is set up to unite original mplayer members and any other gamers who want a clean, sleek site without all the popup ads and such to hang out and catch up.

The site will be open to new users in a few days. We hope you join up, especially for adding suggestions in our suggestion box via the forums. Give us a great idea and we may implement it to make the site better for everyone.

Thanks again, wish you all well.
OutKast - Posted on Saturday, August 27 2011 02:26:57 AM
I hate to say this but your a little to late. There is a team working on a Mplayer Clone and it looks bad ass!
From what I can see it will be just like Mplayer. I just talked to one of the admins about 3 or 4 weeks ago and they are in fact still working on it. I would just try and support them rather than split the Mplayer community even more IMO
mplayerpro - Posted on Saturday, August 27 2011 12:12:58 PM
Hey there, thx for the info. I've seen the hive a while ago. since a year had gone by with no updates via their site, I assumed the project had died.
OutKast - Posted on Monday, September 5 2011 08:47:08 PM
WoW Mplayerpro.COM is a JOKE!!

Just FYI.

Tagged as: game community, game social network, gaming community, gaming social network, hive gaming, mplayer, mplayer game client, mplayer gaming client, mplayer pro,, mplayerpro,, the hive

Using the "The hive" is copyright infringement. I'll be sending this to L3gacy. How sorry are you people? You photoshop a makeup client and then try and steal hits from the Real Hive program! Your a joke dude and a fake.. Anyway I would remove that. I also want to community to see this... Also here is a link before they try and remove it and call it a lie.

Just be sure to add Mplayerpro.NET to your bookmarks the true Mplayer Client. They are also working on a new community site.
OutKast - Posted on Monday, September 5 2011 08:59:22 PM
Wow you added it to all your post

Can you say crash and burn?
InstaGib - Posted on Tuesday, September 6 2011 12:06:45 PM
I’ve been a lurker here for a number of years, watching sites come and go, man there has been a lot lol. However, after reading this post, I found it quite amusing.

Here is how I interpret the events.

A new site was posted here, I visited the site after seeing it, very nice and professional looking.

Days later, username L3gacy makes a post stating the admins of made contact and requested information regarding their so called gaming client that may or may not even exist.

So judging from the post, it appears L3gacy never replied and decided to make a public attack. Classic sign of competition fear. Now, the post that L3gacy made clearly shows there is no business ethics involved. He represents the "hive" company in a negative way in my opinion. So, the admin of replies in a friendly manner and what happens? The hive groupie takes over, OutKast.

Now, to make matters worse as far as a business image, the admin rage registers the .net of mplayerpro's name. Another classic sign of either fear of competition or just anger. Both legacy and outkast claim fake photos and fake teams like they know for a fact this is what is the true and accurate case, not knowing anything about the admins of mplayerpro.

Now what I find funny is how mr outkast keeps getting on here and posting pictures of site tags, talking about banning people. I run a site. If you were banned, that site admin has your ip. How he or she gets it is pretty easy. I would have to make a wild guess that a post or comment was made, judging from the comments here im probably close in saying it was derogatory, lol so they banned that person. Simple as that.

Another humorous note I see by mr outkast, is his comment about using the term "the hive" is copyright infringement. lol really? Im sorry to say that you cannot copyright a word or a phrase. However, you can trademark it, and after searching the u.s. trademark office, the hive admins are technically violating a live registered trademark. So its the owner of the hive who is in federal violation, not mplayerpro. The hive is operating a business under a trademarked name. Uh oh.

Now about the client photo and the tagged words photo you posted. Did you ever think that the mplayerpro admins were toying with you? I mean a rage register was done by hive admins, so you really think they would not mess with you a little? It sure looks like it. Yet you 2 are the only ones who are making negative comments and trying to attack them on a forum. Definitely reminds of the good ole days.

Here is another note you may want to think about. Unlike back 10 years ago, if someone is posting, spreading false claims etc in a negative light against another person or company, that entity has the right to file a civil defamation suit against the violator. So really, you may want to be careful about making your negative claims without any proof to back it up, because they can easily retain legal counsel and bring the legal system in. I mean seriously, they could subpoena this site for your ip address, then subpoena your ISP to obtain your account information and file suit against the account holder of that IP address at that particular time the comments are made. Serious stuff here…

So to conclude, it looks like this;

-Hive has a phantom client, no release.
-time passes a new site comes along
-new site tries to contact hive
-hive ignores and makes public attack with its groupie
-Hive rage registers a similar domain name
-Hive admin more than likely left a derogatory post and was banned from new site
-Hive groupie now tries to defame new site

Realistically, the hive appears to be run probably by a late 20's early 30's guy with 0 business experience or background as he represents his company in a poor unethical manner. Unless his target clientele are to the teens of the gaming industry, then that’s all that will visit that site. The hive in a nutshell is really nothing different from any other gaming site, including the mplayerpro. They are both doing something already done. The hive is just another person with a site who has a game server reseller account with no monthly charges and free setup. There are tons of them out there. is probably one of the more popular ones. Another important thing I notice is that hive admin legacy has a small history on this forum of defaming other software developers. No matter if the software is poor or well done, someone who can talk negatively about it on a public forum in a unprofessional manner should really think about how they represent themselves, especially when they have a company name attached to them.

Mplayerpro is yet another site out there as well, a social network style site. So what do either site offer? Who knows, a lot of sites offer the same thing...
But a site that is run by unprofessional people is one that I will not be a part of. ..
L3gacy - Posted on Tuesday, September 6 2011 04:11:23 PM
I'm sorry but you have been misinformed. I was never banned from Had you read my reply you would have seen that I was just making the community aware on here. Also, I did not rage buy anything. What company buys a .com without picking up the .net? It was a strategy move and one that will work out well I'm sure. You’re right, I don't know for a fact if they do or don't have a client but judging from the e-mail I would say not. My guess is that they were jumping the gun thinking we would in fact work with them.
I also can't be held responsible for what other people do; however I'm happy to know we have people in the community that care about our client. As for The Hive, I laughed when OutKast told me about this. I know for a fact we have nothing to worry about with this so called ‘company’ However, InstaGib, you say we are just another site but if you take a look you will see that game hosting is just one part of our community. We want to deliver the whole package to the community and we will.

Bestrafung - Posted on Tuesday, September 6 2011 04:51:16 PM
Hi everyone, I am one of the admins/owners of The Hive community. Usually I try to stay out of the drama unless it becomes necessary, unfortunately people these days thrive on drama. I just want to clear up a few things and possibly add my thoughts on this situation.

I have no hard feelings regarding prior to this entire mess. In fact, I would have loved nothing more than to be able to come to some arrangement with them that would benefit not only us as a company but the community as well. The problem here is that when they contacted us they didn't wait for a reply one way or the other and just assumed we weren't going to.

I have no problem with competition, it drives better product quality as well as competitive pricing. The issue I have is that they copied certain materials from our site including pictures for their own site then included our product name in their keywords and tags.

From a trademark and copyright standpoint, no, we do not have trademarks or copyright on any of our work and will have to look into doing so. We have never considered this to require legal action and it was a member of this community that mentioned it, not us. This started out as a side project made up of friends, thus copyright and trademark laws were never really a topic we gave much thought to. If we are indeed wrong in using the name The Hive we did not knowingly do so and will have to resolve that.

Regarding the so-called "rage registration" of the domain, it was not out of rage as you claim just a business move. You may call it unethical but businesses have been using practices like this for years. It was simply a business tactic that may or may not pay off in the future.

I also want to let everyone know that while I don't believe it should be necessary to do so, we will in fact be releasing solid proof of our client as well as our current progress in the near future. What everyone needs to remember is that we have been working on this project for over a year and some of our team are very passionate and dedicated, and it's difficult to ignore the fact that a new start-up project site is trying to get their jump by using us as their foundation.

Another thing I would like to point out is that while this is ultimately for the community we are a company and we do in fact offer web hosting and game/voice servers. We are not resellers as claimed, we have very expensive dedicated equipment colocated for this task and run our own software and support. The Hive is just another tool in our arsenal.

With that said, I believe that this has gotten out of hand and people need to let things settle down and see where it goes. Things have been done and said on both sides but hopefully we can work past it and who knows, maybe we can even team up in the future.
mplayerpro - Posted on Tuesday, September 6 2011 05:13:13 PM
A voice of reasoning. Bestrafung, I appreciate your professionalism and realization in this
matter. Due to your actions here I'm more than willing to work with you, not against you. I'll do my part and remove the tags from our posts to show we are willing to work as a friendly neighbor, not enemies.

I guess we will see what the future holds.
OutKast - Posted on Sunday, October 16 2011 10:03:42 PM
Seeing how you are trying to hid your past and getting images removed. I sent them to Mplayerpro.NET they where happy to host it for Mplayer.Org people to see.
InstaGib - Posted on Tuesday, October 18 2011 10:39:45 PM
Wow.... This is really sad to see. Its a shame that the owners of hive and this person outkast portray themselves as children. Judging by the actions of these people, they are pure hypocrites. They post pictures of tags used in a blog, yet they register a domain name using the other guys name and use it to try and get users to their site lol Thats pretty lame really.

Im sure the users here would see these actions as childish and in no way will that site ever prosper with it being run like that.
InstaGib - Posted on Tuesday, October 18 2011 10:44:37 PM
and not to mention, they clearly removed those tags in an effort to resolve your differences, yet you continue to try and trash them. Its clear that they will continue and hive will more than likely fall.
Saturation - Posted on Wednesday, October 19 2011 01:48:06 PM
instagib makes a valid point. the guys clearly showed they are willing to work together yet the other guys arnt. just from reading here I'd go with mplayerpro instead of hive, hive will most likely have a turnout like every other service that has died attempting to emulate the original mplayer. I'd have to say to hive to please grow up and show some professionalism. posting screenshots of tags in a blog is the real joke thinking people really care about that. People care out how the individuals who represent a service act and clearly hive is doing a terrible job.
OutKast - Posted on Friday, October 21 2011 06:32:34 PM
LOL wow making up fake names to post things now. All you have is a bad Joomla website and some forums what is so hard to do about that? It's a joke.. Why do you keep trying to drag The Hive in the mud when I talk about the client.. I'm saying this not the Hive. I'm my own entity I don't speak for the Hive Network. I just know all the owners and know all the hard work they got going on in the client and I can see through all your BS that's all.

Community if your looking for a real client like the old mplayer go here: or www.mplayerpro.NET
Saturation - Posted on Saturday, October 22 2011 05:52:00 AM
like u I'm my own "entity" and have no affiliation with either site. However you do. you stated yourself, you know the owners of hive, you give them screenshots of blog tags, they post. Id say you have an affiliation and you are representing them as well, pretty poorly at that.

Again, the negativity you portray here is amusing and clearly shows you have no respect for anyone other than yourself. Your actions along with hive make you all look bad. either way. why make a client, it's old technology and it caters to only pc. consoles are out growing pc. it's a waste of a programmers time.

And now you resort to what software they use for their site? Really? Alot of web masters and professional web developers think Wordpress is pretty "crappy" as you say. And hive is using "crappy" Wordpress for their site lol we can go all night now back and forth with opinions. And it all comes to the same conclusion, a poorly run service using an old idea that died for a reason. yea...
Saturation - Posted on Saturday, October 22 2011 07:54:00 AM
Lol this just gets better and better. The hive network uses your so called crappy joomla as well. the old joomla at that. lol. if I was one of the hive owners I'd be telling u to stop posting. the more u post the more you make yourself and the hive guys look like fools. unreal...
korrupt - Posted on Saturday, October 22 2011 08:11:54 AM
He said bad not crappy. Same thing though. Most sites today are basically forums. Nothing new. My opinion, its all about networking with other gamers and people on a well run site. Gaming clients were a thing of the past. I was on mplayer back in the day in the q3 lobby. ad was our clan. Mplayer client was cool back then, but I don't see it doing well today, especially with the popularity of the consoles which is gaining a crap load of momentum, soon to bypass pc gaming. I mean hell, even gamespy is shutting down their arcade system. Not profitable. However reading this definately shows how the old mplayer was filled with children and they migrated here. I mean really, if you were lucky enough to have been a part of the original mplayer, you should now be of age to have a little more maturity.

God bless the Internet.
Jaydia - Posted on Saturday, April 6 2013 05:16:00 PM
Just seen the site, I am truly amazed at your dedication. I love your persistence and the progress you all have made so far. Keep up the great work!!! I'm following you guys on twitter and facebook!
Mafia69 - Posted on Sunday, January 26 2014 12:01:06 AM
They use to say seeing is beliving. Its great to have ideas and to promote a website. But these sites pop up all the time. Now its 2014, and still no real proof of a working client. I know it takes time but geez. I dont think mplayer or hive etc are coming out with anything so if they do i will be very surprised. So in year or 2 from now there will a site called lol
1CorruptSociety - Posted on Sunday, January 26 2014 12:13:12 AM
rofl @ mafia
nice one lol
Simon - Posted on Sunday, January 26 2014 03:04:42 AM
I get you mafia but what you got to understand is we are updating software that was designed back in early 90s so it will take time but believe me when I say we are the real deal we got the mpath source plus games and more it will just take a while so get everything fully working beta testing will start soon so like i says in other section join forum at and follow us there screen shots and information there and for them that say its all photo shop edits i even left original mpath copyright in source code to read :)
Simon - Posted on Sunday, January 26 2014 03:18:26 AM
here a few updated screen shots

ops did i use my bad sorry ha :)
Simon - Posted on Sunday, January 26 2014 03:26:35 AM
and this screen shot is for all the haters that say we just edit our images and were just a modified fpath site

this clearly shows mpath source with copyright and files and folders
1CorruptSociety - Posted on Sunday, January 26 2014 08:13:32 PM
Wow. It's been SO long since i've seen that program open with that theme. Can't wait.
TheObvious - Posted on Tuesday, January 28 2014 11:27:02 PM
Every adversity, every failure, every heartbreak, carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.

Mplayer will come back.
1CorruptSociety - Posted on Monday, February 3 2014 02:14:01 AM
well said.